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We believe sixth form spaces should be social hubs that support student well-being and academic success

We offer a complete FF&E solution to education clients, where sixth form centres are one of our key specialist areas of expertise.

We understand school improvement and refurbishment projects are an important investment for schools, so using our access to the widest range of furniture designed for education environments, and our commitment to quality, best value and durability, we deliver a return on your investment by creating a stand-out area for post-16 education that students will benefit from for years to come.

Through aspirational design we help you create vibrant
and inspirational areas for social interaction and calm and
motivational zones for quiet, focussed study.

Flexible Spaces

Modular soft seating is a great choice to maximise space and achieve multiple configurations. Comfortable and stylish, it can easily be moved to flex and adapt to many different layout options. Bean chairs, upholstered stools or tub chairs are good for adding a pop of colour and additional seating options. Mobile chairs and tables are great for contemporary and versatile layouts.

Integrated Technology

Digital resources are a key aspect of supporting students with learning and so by integrating technology into sixth form spaces we ensure students have access to a broad range of media. From soft seating with integrated power and data, to ICT desking or teaching walls, we have options to suit different learner styles.

Breakout Areas

Providing students with variety and choice is key when designing an inspirational sixth form space. We encourage social interaction by creating inviting areas for students to relax, eat and build positive connections. Multi-purpose chairs, shaped or poseur tables, high stools and bench seating offer interest and diversity to the environment.

Storytime Spaces

Create vibrant and inspiring spaces with
comfortable sofas and armchairs for students to relax and socialise, and add colour and variety by using collaborative furniture styles such as lounge chairs, coffee tables and tub seating.

Study Zones

Acoustics are an important consideration in sixth form areas. Often a hive of activity, the space can quickly become lively and overwhelming. Creating quieter zones to soften background noise and enable focussed study are essential spaces for students. The use of banquette seating, pods or booths are ideal for creating quiet and calm areas for tasks requiring concentration or for private meetings. We offer expert advice on Crib 5 fabric and vinyl options to ensure a safe, easy to maintain and comfortable finish.


To create a welcoming and inviting space, we help you select display boards with the appropriate FR (fire retardancy) ratings. We also offer a wide selection of glass writing boards, magnetic whiteboards or even a continuous writing wall. You may want to create a special area to display trophies and achievements won by sixth form students to inspire a sense of shared pride and community spirit.

Partner with us to unlock the potential of your sixth form space 

Planning Guide

A sixth form centre provides a dedicated space for sixth form students to relax, study and socialise. We encourage workshops where students take part in
design discussions, making them feel included and an integral part of creating surroundings that best suit their needs. Key considerations are:


Our experienced Furniture Consultants assess the space and measure up or work from detailed floor plans. The Department for Education’s ‘Building Bulletin 103’ advises a Secondary school must have a specific area or multiple areas for sixth form study totalling at least 20 square metres plus 0.2 square metres for every sixth form pupil place. Social spaces specifically for sixth form pupils must also be provided for. These dedicated spaces could also be used for eating, vending facilities or a satellite servery.


Our in-house design team have decades of experience working on education projects and ensure designs comply with the FF&E requirements set out by the Department for Education. Designs must ensure all students of different abilities can access the environment and amenities. Our sixth form designs support student inclusivity and
well-being to positively impact their attitude and learning experiences. We focus on creating a stimulating environment that supports you to attract and retain students on post-16 study programmes and create a vibrant space that supports learning of the present and the future, preparing students for adulthood.


With access to the widest choice of furniture and equipment for education, we offer advice throughout the product selection process, guiding you through BS EN standards, suitability of fabrics, mood boards and product samples to try out.


We work in partnership with you to understand your vision and the unique needs of your students. From furniture styles tolayout, multi-use zones to bespoke themes, we listen to your brief and work with you and our in-house design team to create a design proposal unique to your sixth form area.

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